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mercoledì 23 maggio 2012

Entitatively at Grand Theater Groningen

Valeria Cosi & Elisa Battistutta (Italy): 'Entitatively'
Valeria Cosi is a graduate of Codarts Rotterdamse Dans Academie. She is one of the founders of Stichting Apes Container, a platform for interdisciplinary art. She practices photography along side her dance career and has presented her works around Europe. Valeria together with the composer Elisa Battistutta explored during a short residency of 2 weeks at Random Collision the question 'Who are the others and who am I for others?' Their research brings them to this presentation of 'Entitatively'.

sabato 14 aprile 2012

Test Extra for Apes Container

On the 6th of April, the Stichting Apes Container presented the work of its artist.

"One night road" was one of this work.

Valeria Cosi
One night road.
“The outskirts of a city, by night. Everything gets quite on a coming winter.
Dark, silence, the heart bit, passion, fear, desire, words.
Once upon a night there was something; it lasted one night, only that one night road, then it disappeared.”
One night road, is a fairytale vision on a trip which will last only one night. Anything can happen there, any story. Which one is yours?
A photographic series which express and explore a night around a outskirts of a city; Florence in this case.
An area which is frenetic during the day, people works there, exchange ideas, meets; is the new city, with huge and numerous shopping centers, offices and hotels. During the night everything gets quite and strangely silence, leaving space to prostitutes, young couples looking for an anonymous space to embrace each other in a passionate night stand, homeless.

martedì 6 marzo 2012


1st day of work, rehearsal and research at Grand Theatre Groningen, Short residency at Random Collision.

domenica 17 luglio 2011

Out of the blue

Out of the Blue is a recently formed group characterized by the stylistic magnetism, where the passion for groove and improvisation is the common denominator.

The musicians consisting the band met in Rotterdam Conservatorium (CODARTS), where they studied Jazz, World music and Modern music.

After years of sharing musical experiences in various different projects and being friends, it was a natural result to create this choral project, where the members present their own original works in the rehearsal studio where this union of imaginative and talented artists collaborate, work and create, in search of a distinctive, warm and original sound.

All types of influences, from Jazz to Pop, filtered through Afro Cuban beat, funk or Brazilian music, are blended together to create this exciting cocktail which is OUT OF THE BLUE.

North Sea Round town-Doelen Cafè

De Gouvernestraat

sabato 16 luglio 2011

North Sea Jazz Rotterdam 2011

An impression from North Sea Jazz Festival 2011
Rotterdam Ahoy

Codarts Big Band

Codarts Big Band-Roberto Elekes (trombone)

Codarts Big Band-Jasper van Damme

Codarts Big Band- Stephanie Francke, Donald Simoen, Jordi Ballarin, Mateja Dolsak, Max Wakker (saxophone), Eleonora Roussou (flute)

Codarts Big Band-Thomas Pol (bass)

Codarts Big Band-Lilian Vieira (vocals)

Codarts Big Band-Ilja Reijngoud (conductor, trombone)

Codarts Big Band- Jordi Ballarin (saxophone)

Codarts Big Band- Jordi Ballarin (saxophone)

Chris Potter

Tomasz Stanko

Tomasz Stanko Quintet featuring Chris Potter, Jim Black, Craig Taborn and Chris Lightcap

Javier Limón

La Shica

Uri Caine

Clarence Penn

Avishai Cohen

Enrico Rava

Avishai Cohen

Tom Jones

Wayne Shorter

Wayne Shorter

Marcus Miller

Wayne Shorter

Herbie Hancock

Sean Jones

Herbie Hancock

Gotan Project

Kocani Orkestar

Kocani Orkestar

Kocani Orkestar